THREE in 30

Three Solutions for Engineering Education Challenges

Episode 5 | February 2024

With engineering education facing pressing discipline-specific challenges in the coming decade, adaptability and flexibility will be the strongest assets for institutions hoping to remain ahead of the curve.

Join Dr. Jacqueline El-Sayed, chief executive officer of the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE), and David Poole, managing director, EngineeringCAS at Liaison, for an insightful conversation that explores three thoughtful solutions to combat these challenges, including how to:

  1. Navigate the integration of new technologies, including artificial intelligence.
  2. Foster a community of practice with a learning mindset.
  3. Strategically reposition engineering programs to enhance engagement among U.S. students while creating a more welcoming environment for international students.

TOPICS: Graduate Education, Engineering, STEM

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Dr. Jacqueline El-Sayed

Dr. Jacqueline El-Sayed

Chief Executive Officer
American Society for Engineering Education

David Poole

David Poole

Managing Director, EngineeringCAS

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