Is your college or university student ready?

American higher education often relies on outdated 20th-century norms that no longer apply but still influence current practices. Future-focused higher education leaders interested in cultivating a diverse campus community understand that shifting attention from the needs of the institution to the needs of the student is necessary for long-term sustainability.

Managing complex data and leveraging new technology, like artificial intelligence (AI), can play a key role in shifting this paradigm; technology has the potential to revolutionize existing norms and practices.

Watch now and learn new approaches for managing data and leveraging AI to:

  • enhance student engagement and learning outcomes.
  • personalize education to meet individual student needs.
  • foster a sense of community and support for all students.

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Webinar Speakers

Art Munin

Art Munin

AVP, Enrollment Management Solutions

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Vijay Pendakur

Vijay Pendakur, Ph.D.

Founder and Principal
Vijay Pendakur Consulting, LLC

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