The demographic decline of traditional undergraduate students is now impacting graduate programs nationwide. Attracting and enrolling highly qualified students is more difficult than ever.

What if you could showcase your graduate program’s unique offerings to a larger, more diverse group of potential applicants?

The future of graduate admissions is centralized. Liaison’s Centralized Application Service (CAS), a common application for graduate programs, can help your program ensure sustainability and future enrollment success.

Benefits of joining a CAS include:

  • increased engagement with a diverse applicant pool to enroll best-fit students
  • enhanced marketing to targeted domestic and international student populations
  • streamlined admissions operations and reporting

There is power in numbers. Download our eBook, 6 Benefits of Centralized Applications, to discover why more than 40,000 programs on over 1,200 campuses have joined a discipline-focused CAS, and why you should too.

Benefits of Centralized Applications