A data-driven approach to the enrollment process.

As AI continues to make swift progress, so do your institution’s opportunities for a more scalable approach to recruiting. While adopting AI practices can be intimidating, it can become a pivotal tool in implementing or refining holistic practices that align with your institution’s mission.

The 5 Powerful Ways AI is Redefining Holistic Review eBook comes in two versions, covering graduate enrollment and medical enrollment. Each explains how AI can complement the admissions process, helping you to identify best-fit students through a comprehensive, efficient evaluation of their qualifications and achievements.

Download the eBook to learn how AI can help you:


process a vast amount of admission information efficiently.


analyze historical data to identify the critical factors that determine which students will be most successful in your graduate programs.


admit students who will bring diverse perspectives and contributions to your campus—beyond traditional academic success.


increase retention by predicting the best-fit students for your institution.


optimize financial aid resource allocation based on predicted enrollment.

Liaison can help you leverage AI to meet your enrollment goals. Download this complimentary eBook to learn how you can take advantage of this remarkable opportunity for growth.

AI is Redefining Graduate Holistic Review